GO provides basic and advanced concepts of Go programming. Go language training is designed for beginners and professionals both.

Go is a programming language which is developed by Google with the vision of fast development and high performance. It includes all topics of Go language such as what is go, how to install go, go if-else, go for, go for-range, go break, go continue, go struct, go interface, go ruin, go map, go string, go array, go http server, go rest api, go mutex etc.



  • Introduction to GoLanG
  • GO Installation
  • GO Package
  • GO Data Type
  • GO Hello World
  • GO Control


  • GO Function
  • GO String
  • GO Array
  • GO Map
  • GO Concurrency
  • GO Type
  • GO Time
  • GO Error
Why GO Language?

GO will be the server language of the future.Nothing makes a developer crazy than a new programming language.Golang has the speed of a compiled language, but the feel of an interpreted language. So you can write the code fast, and even faster compilation speeds allow for a rapid feedback style. Speedy development means saving time and money, so this is obviously the most important benefit for someone with a tight budget.

  • Golang is open-source but backed up by a large corporation.
  • Many big companies used it for their projects.
  • Go is a modern language.
  • Rapid development and growing community.
  • Good cross-platform support
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